We give mobile operators the capacity they need to roll-out 5G, and connect everyone, everywhere.

With us, operators can expand the coverage of their network rapidly, and at a lower cost compared to traditional radio solutions.


5G provides 10 times more capacity than 4G. In the same way 4G has made streaming services possible, leading to the rapid development of popular streaming applications, 5G will unleash new usages, services and functionalities.

Imagine having the ability to download a full-HD movie in seconds, share your entire photos or music library with a click, roam around a 3D virtual mall without any latency… This is only a sneak preview of the way we are going to communicate soon. To enable this, operators must increase the size of the “pipes” that feed their base-stations to ultimately deliver this massive content onto 5G smartphones.

These pipes form the operator backhaul. For most networks worldwide, backhaul is mainly composed of radio links. The problem resides in the fact that traditional radios, which are predominantly built on hardware-centric architectures, have reached their maximum limits and cannot accommodate the required 10 times capacity increase factor.

For mobile operators, the 5G challenge comes down to their capabilities to find backhaul solutions that meet the 5G demand…


We have developed a new generation of backhaul radio.

While traditional radios simply provide incremental capacity improvement, limited by their hardware-centric legacy technology, we have designed a totally new software-defined transmission system.

Our radios provide up to 20x the capacity of traditional radios and make wireless backhaul a tangible option to roll-out 5G and limit their dependency on fiber optics.

With a single day deployment and a fraction of the cost of fiber, Spectronite backhaul radios allow operators to roll-out 5G faster and lower significantly their deployment cost.


Company management

Jean-Philippe FOURNIER


Jean-Philippe has 10+ years' experience in the wireless backhaul market and knows the wireless backhaul market inside out. Throughout his past experiences, he has investigated both ends of the value chain: he shares the care-abouts of mobile operators from his years at Bouygues Telecom (French mobile operator) and understands the dynamics of product manufacturing from his works at Texas Instruments. Jean-Philippe is the founder and CEO of Spectronite.
Company management



Tuan has a track record in designing very advanced communication systems.
At Spectronite he is responsible for leading engineering, technology roadmap and strategic product planning. Tuan is in charge of the overall technical process, from R&D to product implementation. Tuan is an expert of very high-speed algorithm implementation, especially on programmable processor cores. Tuan holds a PhD from IMT Atlantique.
Company management

George EL AILY


George is a telecommunication  specialist, with a rich experience extending from the design and manufacturing of telecom MBWA/4G/5G platforms to network rollouts and operations. He brings to the company a strong business acumen as well as a unique perspective on network integration and operation . George holds a Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Sydney (Australia)

We knew 5G was going to be fast, very fast. 

We anticipated back in 2017 the challenge 5G would pose to mobile operators. 

First on capacity, for all the capacity 5G base-stations were going to deliver, would have to be channeled through the operators backbone network... Then, to offer 5G, operators would first need to increase drastically the capacity of their backhaul network.

Then on cost. Operators backbone, all over the world, is primarily relying on wireless interconnections. By that time, many analysts were predicting that 5G backbone would need to run on fiber... But cost-wise fiber optics was simply not going to be a viable option.

What we got early too: that traditional radio links would miss the capacity mark... and by far! It was obvious: their hardware-centric technology, rooting back to the 1980’s, was simply going to fall short!

So we started our works on a brand new radio. A software radio.

It took us time... endless efforts... and countless try-and-fails. But we succeeded: the day we made our first presentation to an operator: we knew we had it right!

So now, we'd like to invite you to join us and share this defining moment in mobile backbone technology..


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