The 5G ready backhaul

What makes a new product revolutionary?

A product is revolutionary when it impacts an entire branch of an industry.

We believe X-Series is that kind of product:

  • it makes instantly existing long-haul radios obsolete
  • it outdates an entire slice of the microwave industry (manufaturing of branching units and their bandpass filters)
  • it even changes the basic rules of RF planning and network design

But most importantly, it provides unique value to out customers with Spectronite's unique Massive Multi-Carrier technology, as it enables:

  • digital RF aggregation up to 256+0
  • multi-Gigabit over distance of 150km and beyond
  • full spectrum agility to aggregate multiple channels of different bandwidths even non-adjacent.
  • the first true software-only capacity upgrade, without changing antenna size or compromising on availability