Smart Power Protection

Want to prevent power breakdown at your sites?
Need to cut cost of your power supply solutions?
Spectronite Smart Power does just that.

Spectronite smart power solution

Smart Sensors

Spectronite's full-outdoor radio is equipped with two different Power-over-Ethernet ports and an additional auxilliary -48 VDC port.
Smart power sensors embedded in A10 are monitoring real-time the quality of their power supply.
Whenever a power source is failing, A10 provides a seamless hand-over to the next operating power source.

Full-outdoor radio with dual backup PoE

Uninterrupted Power

Smart Power Protection provides a true carrier-class power solution. It makes your transmission site failure proof to any potential PoE injector breakdown. High-profile radio transmission equipment too often rely on cheap PoE electronics... Hear the ticking bombs in your network?

Decrease your site costs

Once in place, Smart Power Protection allows for reconsidering the cost of your power supply elements. You might want to stay with high-quality injectors while operating a single power supply. Or you can take benefits and select a lower cost option, made robust through the redundant set-up.

Full-outdoor microwave with single PoE supply