What is LinkProtect?

LinkProtect is an innovative transmission technology, developed and patented by Spectronite.

LinkProtect provides additional robustness to the radio layer and enables S10 point-to-point links to continue to operate in the toughest atmospheric conditions, long after any other link has stopped.

What will it do for my link?

It will enhance the link performance by achieving a better RSL, fade Margin, availability and sensitivity.

How does it work?

LinkProtect creates a fully adaptive transmission channel bandwidth. Accordingly, the receiver sensitivity can be greatly improved across all possible channel bandwidths.

Is there a financial benefits with LinkProtect?

Yes. The financial benefits of LinkProtect is two-fold.

First, LinkProtect will significantly lower network outage and therefore directly increase customers satisfaction and give your network an edge over competitors not using LinkProtect.

Second, LinkProtect brings a lot of new options in desigining your network. In particular, it allows achieving high availability figures with smaller antennas than any other tranmission product. Lowering antenna size brings a drastic reduction in the CAPEX of your wireless backbone. Smaller antennas help indeed save not only on equipment cost, but also on shipping, installation and space rental costs.

Is LinkProtect different from ACM (adaptive modulation)?

Yes. LinkProtect is a new technique extending the capabilities of ACM. It works in combination of ACM and provides an increased robustness for the wireless point-to-point link.

LinkProtect Technology provides a better RSL, fade margin and availability than the lowest modulation (QPSK) achieved from the ACM by having better sensitivity.

Will LinkProtect affect my link throughput?

Yes. LinkProtect will reduce the link throughput as long as transmission conditions are affecting the link. When conditions return back to normal, capacity increases back to its maximum.

Is it compatible with my existing equipment?

LinkProtect is a feature integrated in Spectronite radios and cannot be adapted to other radios.

What if I’m in a rainy region?

It was proved that by using Spectronite radios, a better RSL, fade margin and availability are achieved compared to competitors‘ radios. Detailed benchmark data have been computed for links in Nigeria which is one of the most rainy countries in the world.

What if I’m in a dry region?

It was proved that by using Spectronite radios, a better RSL, fade margin and availability are achieved compared to competitors’ radios. The study was done on links in Egypt (Aswan) which is one of the most dry places in the world.