Configuration Issues

Go through below checklist to troubleshoot your installation.

What is A10 or S10 default IP address?

The default IP address is

When configuring the radio equipment for 26 GHz on the 24564.75, 25572.75, a message pops out “Invalid Value, An invalid value has been entered. Invalid input- must be an integer between 25557000 and 25893000”.

The frequency 24564.75 should be configured on the Low ODU and The frequency 25572.75 should be configured on the High ODU.

In addition to that, there should be a low ODU on one site facing the high ODU on the other site.

Link protect is not enable with our radios.

LinkProtect is a feature that requires an additional license.

If the license is bought, the feature can be activated.

The data rate displayed on the modem dashboard is different from the actual link capacity.

If the displayed value corresponds to the theoretical value for the corresponding configured bandwidth and modulation.

If this value is highlighted in orange, this means that with the provided license the capacity can not be achieved.

The licensed capacity can be checked from the license information under Firmware and License as per the below.

The 1024QAM is activated which was great. However, in the manual it mentions that on 7MHz it goes only to 512QAM which confused us.

We commit to have at least 512 QAM as a maximum modulation on 7 MHz and this depends on the link performance. In your case, the link seems to be under good conditions where 1024 QAM can be achieved.

The Power on 512QAM is 17 and not 23 as indicated in the system manual.

23 dBm is the maximum radio power at 512 QAM.

When ATPC is enabled, the radio power will be adjusted based on the link performance. In your case, at 17 dBm the link is performing well so no need to increase the power to 23 dBm.

How to connect the two S10s in the repeater site of a link?

Connect the two S10s on the repeater site together through either the Ethernet ports or the SFP ports.

Configure the connected port as a management port in order to be able to manage the link from any end.

Before configuring the radio frequency, the device displays RSL values of -77dbm?

Initially, the radio takes a default frequency. There is interference on this frequency which showed the RSL value.

How can we monitor and review the history of the link (Value of RX, Sync Loss, status of modulation and Link protect)?

The best way to monitor and review the link history is using an external management system.

The MIB files can be downloaded from our User Interface in the Remote Management section.

If this is not feasible, we can share alternate ways.

How to change the system time?

The time zone needs to be changed to Asia/ Beirut, and the NTP IP address to be set as your NTP server IP.

In case NTP server is not available, the time can be set manually.

NB: If the system was rebooted, the time should be set again.

The user session is expiring every 5 seconds.

Make sure that the two S10s don’t have the same IP address.