For a robust network

Spectronite Full Outdoor Microwave Radio with LinkProtect

A10 full-outdoor radio has been designed with network uptime in mind.

Discover how its unique radio technology and redundant power supply will make your network bullet-proof.

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LinkProtect technology

Spectronite's unique LinkProtect technology pushes the limits of microwave transmission.

Further to Adaptive Modulation (ACM), LinkProtect adjusts transmission channel in real-time.

Essential traffic is protected and A10 links will keep on operating long after other products have stopped.

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Power that lasts

A10 comes with an option for dual Power-over-Ethernet supply. It provides a full power redundancy for uninterrupted power supply.

In addition, thanks to its smart power sensors, A10 monitors real-time its power source and will call for preventive maintenance to guarantee continuity of operation.

For even more set-up possibilities, an auxiliary Direct-DC plug is available. Especially useful when connecting A10 directly with fiber optics, Direct-DC helps overcome distance limitations of PoE feeds.

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Spectronite A10 operating with single PoE
Spectronite A10 providing redundant PoE injector - redundant power supply.

Unique Features


Spectronite's unique dynamic channel management 

Smart power protection

allows preventive on-site maintenance when needed

Rich power supply options

for versatile set-up options 

Powerful Transmission

Scalable capacity

from 25 Mbps (@3.5 MHz) to 500 Mbps (@56 MHz)

Truly usable modulation

1024QAM core with optimized Tx Power

High-power transmission

up to 30 dBm transmit power allow longer links